Sugarcreek Air Conditioning Repair Will Keep You Cool

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These days most Sugarcreek homeowners appreciate air conditioning that will not only save them money, but help save Earth too. By making smart choices and consulting with a Sugarcreek air conditioning contractor, any homeowner can get on the right path and reduce their carbon footprint. Use the following tips and ideas to get started today!

Out with the old, in with the new! Did you know that you can significantly reduce energy consumption simply by replacing your old Sugarcreek air conditioning unit with a newer model? Older models emit more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and use more energy than the newer models. When shopping for a new unit, look for and Energy Star label. This label is given to models approved as more energy efficient by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Also, consider buying a unit that doubles as a dehumidifier as well. This will help keep humidity out of the air, allowing you to be comfortable even with a lower setting. By keeping your new air conditioner at a lower setting regardless of the dehumidifying option will always help keep your power bill low and result in less CO2 emissions. 

Check to see if your Sugarcreek air conditioning unit comes with a re-circulation option. This means that it will re-circulate the already cooled down air in your room. Be sure that your new air conditioner is properly installed and sealed to make sure none of your precious cooled air escapes outside– you can’t really get the full benefit of a re-circulation function if your air is leaking out.  It may also be helpful to write a reminder on the calender to check the unit’s air filter every three months. A dirty filter can really cause your unit to work harder, increasing energy consumption.

No one expects homeowners to give up the luxury of air conditioning. However, by being mindful of energy consumption and by contacting a Sugarcreek HVAC specialist, a homeowner can reduce the size of their carbon footprint and their power bill.

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