Keeping Energy Costs Down this Summer: How Air Conditioning Repairs Can Keep You Cooler

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Air Filtration System, Dayton, South Home AirSummer will hit soon and you need to be prepared for it as the dog days are not that far off. For many beating the heat can be attributed to a working air conditioner. Carlisle air conditioning repairs will help to keep the energy costs lower.

Of course there are cheaper ways to cool down other than with an AC. You can opt to have electric fans plugged in all summer but that will often result in high electric bills. You can drink lots of cold water but repairs can save you money almost instantly.

Your air conditioner reacts much like your refrigerator does. Your air conditioner uses lots of energy to dispel cooler air throughout the home and take out the humidity from the interior. Annual AC costs affect homeowners of more than 11 billion dollars.

In order to keep your energy bills down; you can have your air conditioner repaired. Carlisle air conditioning repairs can save you from excessive spending as professional HVAC techs troubleshoot cooling systems.

Repairs can eliminate the following issues from happening:

  • Early replacements
  • Improper filtration
  • Faulty malfunctioning

You will also see your energy bills go down when you have new windows installed. Although your AC system is responsible for expelling cooler air throughout the home, older windows are also equally responsible.

Drafts caused by older windows lets the air out. Each year we lose more air through drafty windows than anything else. In fact, over 75% of our electric bills are the cause of poor windows.

Proper installation of an AC unit can also cause lower energy bills. Improper installations can end up costing you more. You can reduce your energy bills by at least 30%. Maximum benefits are possible.

The size of your cooling unit has a lot to do with energy savings. An oversized unit can’t properly cool a home down as much as small units can. This, of course, depends on the size of the home.

Ceiling fans should be used in accordance with your cooling system. You can set the unit on low in order to save. Ceiling fans can help to circulate the air throughout the home. Repairs can get maximum power out of it.

Common AC problems are everyday occurrences. If you are running yours all summer long; you will experience coils freezing up and poor indoor air. Call the air conditioning repair expert s at South Home Air. They can make your home cool and comfortable while keeping your electric bills low.

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