How Preventative Maintenance Works for You

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You as a homeowner know all too well the high cost of heating and cooling your home. There are numerous expenses that far exceed a monthly energy bill. So you know the importance of keeping your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the year. Your heater and air conditioner is like anything else. It needs ongoing maintenance and care in order to properly function and operate efficiently. The reality is that many homeowners fail to give their system proper maintenance and inevitably suffer the consequences down the road.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Simply put, maintenance hits your heater’s potential problems head on before they ever happen. It prevents small issues from becoming large issues. In any heating system there are no wasted parts. This means that every component is essential to the entire operation of the unit. If one part breaks down, then the entire system and eventually starts breaking down as well. There are several moving parts in your heater that require lubrication. Drains have to be cleared. You motor, compressor and evaporator need regular inspection, and all connections and pipelines need to be checked for connectivity. In essence, it’s thorough point by point inspection of every part of your heater or AC.

Efficiency Is The Key

Your entire system runs efficiently when it’s operating at peak performance in an environment in which the unit doesn’t have to work harder than normal to heat or cool your home. There are several variables that set the stage for the perfect scenario.

  • Is your home properly insulated?
  • Do you have a tight seal around your windows and doors?
  • Is the thermostat located in a central position far away enough from the heating unit?
  • Do you have the right size equipment for the size of your home?
  • Are your air ducts clean and clear?

Creating an optimal environment is half the battle. This is why maintenance is so important. With a routine tune-up, your system will run efficiently in an ideal environment. This will insure it’s longevity and lower your bills each month.

Maintenance vs. Repairs

The are several incentives for keeping your heater or air conditioner in excellent condition. The greatest benefit is substantial cost savings. Compared to major repairs, maintenance will cost you far less in the long run while giving your heater long life down the road. With ongoing maintenance you can expect at least 5-7 years more out of your equipment as opposed to a worn down neglected heater or AC. Another issue is system replacement. When repairs become an issue, a natural question to ask is whether or not you need a new heater or AC. You can eliminate this worry if you have routine maintenance performed on a regular basis by your Dayton HVAC Contractor.

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